Welcome! My name is Eliot Nemzer and I am a certified Hypnotherapist.

I work with individuals, couples, adults, teens and children. The core of the work I do centers on teaching my clients to
cultivate a deeper connection to their own intrinsic resources to resolve the challenges they face. I help my clients practice
the skills to bring health, balance and inner peace to their lives..

Although the word “hypnosis” connotes the idea of a sleep-like trance, Deep Insight Hypnosis cultivates a relaxed, receptive wakefulness. My clients learn to induce this state for insight and clarity about habitual patterns they want to change, breaking these patterns and developing healthful habits. Many of my clients have struggled in their lives with illness, pain, stress, anxiety, depression, anger, addiction, powerlessness, hopelessness and relationship issues. Through working with me they find their path to transformation and healing.

One area that has inspired my focus is in working with people who are facing chronic or life-threatening illness and pain. I know, from personal experience, that Deep Insight Hypnosis is absolutely effective helping one heal through these challenges.

Within this website you’ll find information about working with me at the Westside Healing Arts Center in Santa Cruz, CA, as well as by phone or online. There are articles to read which I’ve written on hypnotherapy, transformation and healing as well as audio tracks my wife, Kristin Nemzer, LMFT, CH and I have produced. And if you’re ready to schedule an appointment with me, click this button to be directed to my online schedule:

Online scheduling

Please contact me at the email address at the bottom of this page with questions you may have.
Thank you for visiting my site.