Office Policies

Currently I am only seeing clients online.

Each session lasts 85 minutes. My fee is $150

Hypnotherapy is a self-regulated profession. We are a certified profession, and I meet the highest standards set forth by the Professional Board of Hypnotherapy. I practice according to their Code of Ethics and Standards. I have received high quality training in hypnotherapy. I do not do medical diagnosis; nor am I a licensed physician or medical practitioner. I am a certified healing arts practitioner, a Certified Hypnotherapist. I provide hypnotherapy services, which give high-quality alternatives for people seeking to overcome many of the challenges of life. I pledge confidentiality.

Confidentiality is strictly held. What you tell me in my office stays there. Only a written release or a court order will enable an exchange of any information regarding treatment to a third party. The occasions under which confidentiality is broken, as required by law, are as follows: a) Child abuse; b) Elder abuse; c) Dependent adult abuse; d) Danger to self; e) Danger to others.

I’m available Monday through Friday by phone (831.345.7780) or email