Deep Insight Self Hypnosis Lesson 1: Coming Home

The following is a transcript of a lesson I give to my clients.

“Find yourself in a comfortable position. You can adjust your position at any point throughout the lesson. Allow your eyes to close so that you can guide your awareness more easily to the sensations of your physical presence.

It’s helpful to cultivate a relationship between that part of you that’s come here to find something or to change something about yourself or your life, and that part of you that holds the treasure that you’re looking for.

We’re starting here with an assumption that within the energy of your own living presence is the information that you seek, the medicine that heals, the quality of experience that can provide you with what’s missing or correct what’s wrong in your life.

This is a lesson in training your mind to become a receptive student of the teachings of your own living presence. In this relationship you develop the skill to disengage from the repetitive patterns of thought that block the miraculous healing and transformative qualities that reside within you from moment to moment. So come now home to the information that lets you know you are here.

Allow your mind to rest on your physical sensations, your own presence, your own body. Receive these sensations, these experiential packages of information, as the evidence of your own being.

Since your eyes are closed you’ve shifted your attention from the visual perception of your body, the appearance of your presence, to the experience of the sensations of your own being.

Your living presence expresses itself in the same aspects of the world around you: as earth, air, fire and water. Because these 4 aspects are a part of who you are, you can experience yourself in each of these aspects and there is healing and transformation in doing so consciously.

Sense your own body’s earthiness. Feel the solidity and weight of your bones and tissues.

Imagine the container that you call your body is filled with the liquid of your circulatory system.

Allow into your awareness the sensations of gravity.

Gravity comes from the core, the center, the heart of the Earth.

Allow into your consciousness these sensations of what is supporting you right now, in this moment. Feel all the places that your chair, couch, bed or floor touches your body. Expand your awareness along these surfaces, the places where what is supporting you meets your body.

Send the message to your body that it’s OK to relax, to release, even deeper into what is supporting you, and know that just sending this message creates a shift in your state of relaxation and deepens your connection to your living presence, your home.

In the aspect of earth, your presence expresses as the relationship between your body and the earth which supports your life.

I find it helpful to imagine the sensations of gravity as the arms of the Earth claiming us, telling us we belong to her, that we belong here.

Guide your attention to your body’s presence expressing as air. Study your own body’s breath, perhaps as an inquisitive scientist might conduct an experiment. Without influencing your body’s breath, just experience what it is.

Open to the minutest movements of each expansion and release. Trust how your body wants to breathe. It’s been doing this very well ever since your first breath of life. It’s OK now to just let it be, shallow, deep, fast, slow, or even pausing for long moments.

Imagine the air around you. As it enters inside of you that same air becomes a part of you. During your inhalation it’s taken through your lungs into your bloodstream. Your body circulates the oxygen, and during your exhalation, releases all the unused parts of that breath.

Now, just for a few good moments practice participating with your body’s natural breath. With each inhalation, very gently and carefully add a little bit of length, so that each in-breath and each out-breath become just subtly longer than the one before.

Each inspiration and release becomes gently, easily a little longer, deeper and slower than the one before.

You can let go of this practice at any time if it becomes uncomfortable for any reason.

The goal here is to practice with a sense of ease and deliciousness to each breath. Stay with the conscious experience of the sensations of each breath.

If you haven’t already done so, please let go of this practice now. Allow your breath to normalize. Just let your body breathe the breath it wants to breathe. Receive the sensations and information that’s there for you.

Let your consciousness ride each sensation as a surfer might ride a wave.

As each breath, each heartbeat, surfaces into your awareness, just receive it as the treasure of your own being.

The powerful force of the ocean is something to respect and hold in a relationship of harmony and balance. Study those rhythms, the waves and tides of your ocean.

Keep coming home, coming back to the only place in the universe your life exists: right here in your body.

Come home to the evidence of your own being.

Scientific evidence tells us that our body is made of mostly water. You can experience that.

Entertain the possibility that you can sense, feel, dream or imagine your liquid presence as distinctly as you can your solid presence.

Open to the possibility that you can experience the movement of yourself as your own blood as you move through the channels of your blood vessels.

Your flowing nature is a powerful and beneficial healing force. Your living presence expresses itself as a current.

The word “current” means to flow, and it’s used to describe the movement of water, electrical energy and money. It’s wise to cultivate an intimate relationship with your own currency, your real value, the conscious experience of your own living presence.

This movement is you! As much as you are the solid aspects of your physiology, such as your bones, you are also your liquid self.

Your circulatory system can be imagined, dreamed, sensed or felt as the rivers and oceans of your physical being.

Imagine that you can feel the whole of your body at once, as you might look at a picture of your body and see it as one form rather than many parts. Just for a good moment, sense a “feeling picture” of your entire body. Perhaps you can notice a tingling or vibration in every part of you.

These are experiences you can cultivate. Just like tending a garden, you can prepare the soil, plant the seeds and take care of it with water, weeding and praying for the blessings of the radiant sun.

Both ancient and modern science tell us that our bodies create light. Our nervous system is described in one kind of model as an electrical system. Our cells break down food molecules and release energy and heat. These are are resources for you to imagine and experience your own living presence in the aspect of fire and light.

Consider for a few moments that our lives are made possible because of the relationship between our Earth and Sun. The Earth is held in its orbit in the perfect distance from the Sun by the Sun’s own gravitational force. Here, again, the Sun has claimed the Earth and all her inhabitants as belonging in this star system.

Our star creates the heat and light that sustains our life. We are a part of that radiance, and it’s possible to feel that radiance emanating for every cell of your body.

Feel, sense, dream and imagine within the very marrow of your bones there’s a radiance stimulated by the consciousness that is seeking it.

Can you entertain the possibility that the very act of your coming into a conscious relationship with your own living presence, with the open, humble and respectful approach of a devoted student could enhance the effulgence that is an aspect of your own being?

Allow any sense of inner light or color to be held in your conscious experience right now.

Without struggling to find it or keep it, relax into the possibility that you are of that light, that fire, you are the unique expression of that star we call our Sun.

You are that walking radiance upon this Earth.

Welcome home.”

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